Potential Projects

  • Adopt a Highway
    • Hwy 138 near Crestline
    • Coordinate with Mountain Patrol
  • Veterans’ Concert
    • Include Redlands, Big Bear?, Upland?
    • Fundraiser for multiple non-profits
  • BBQ
    • Membership drive?
  • Beer Booth
    • Fundraiser at assorted events
  • Meetings at Spring Valley Lake
  • SVL Golf Tournaments
    • Sponsor Hole
    • Enroll a team
  • Young Marines
  • Christmas Gifts for Kids

These are ideas that have been brought up in the past – plus a couple more. Feel free to add to the list and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Our Mission centers around serving our community by benefiting veterans, especially Marines.  So our activities / projects should focus on providing service or materials and raising funds to do so.  Of course, nothing says we can’t have a little fun while we’re doing those.

Mark Dennis
Sr Vice Commandant

BBQ in mountains

Anyone that decided to skip the BBQ should regret it! We had a great time. The weather was perfect, the view was obviously nothing we see in the desert, and the food was worthy of seconds. Oh, and there was great cell reception.

The next time Darryl offers, say “yes!

Young Marines Graduation

The first graduating class of the Victor Valley Young Marines of the Marine Corps League are having their ceremony Saturday, 16 May at 12:00 and held at the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Please notify Mrs. Tanya Rhoades (tanya@rhoadesfamily.net) that you are planning to attend.

Light refreshments will be served and a count is necessary for logistics.