First Message

To those who shall see these presents….

I am humbled and honored to announce that Marine Corps League Detachment 1383, Apple Valley, is officially alive and I have been elected in accordance with the by-laws as the new Commandant. I will, to the best of my abilities, do what I can to make the Detachment a rewarding group for Marines and Associates to belong to. We are planning a Christmas party/meeting for December, have paperwork to file with the State Commandant as well as the State of California, and are in need of volunteers for a few other staff positions. I don’t want anyone to have to carry two titles, unless they really want to, and will try to spread the work around so that no one is either left out or burned out.

We have a detachment now so let’s enjoy it! Oh yeah, we are also now recruiting new members. Mike Brewer is the detachment recruiter and can help anyone with their leads. Potential regular members need a DD214 showing an honorable discharge and required service. So, if you know someone you want in the detachment, you know what to do, right?

Please look for details about the December meeting, which will be at the Applebee’s in the Jess Ranch Shopping Center. I’ll look for your input regarding what you’d like to see the detachment do.

Semper Fi,

Tom Weber

Commandant, MCL Det 1383

UC, Victor Valley Young Marines